Annual Plan

The Annual Plan is a continual consultancy of your organisation for one year.

Self Consultancy will assign each of your staff as an anonymous ‘user’ and collect answers using a combination of set questions and your own configured questions designed for targeted and relevant feedback covering: Resources, Personnel, Processes and Organisational Structure.

This plan gives the same benefits as the Snapshot Plan. It also provides information on trends as well as the impacts of management decisions and also changes caused by internal and external factors. Separate surveys can be configured as close as one month apart.

Sign up and try it free for one month. Must be cancelled before trial period ends to avoid charges.

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Enter the name of the first department to be assessed. You can add additional departments later. If your business is too small for separate departments, use any descriptor.
If you’re signing up for your own company, choose ‘Company Administrator’. If you’re a Consultant for multiple companies then choose ‘Consultant’.