Snapshot Plan

The Snapshot Plan is a one-off consultancy of your organisation.

Self Consultancy will assign each of your staff as an anonymous ‘user’ and collect answers using a combination of set questions and your own configured questions designed for targeted and relevant feedback covering: Resources, Personnel, Processes and Organisational Structure.

Self Consultancy will automatically collate all user’s answers into an easy to understand visual format and, additionally, offer potential solutions on how to exploit identified opportunities and correct actual or potential problems.

Identify an issue and need more information from a particular respondent? Not a problem. Using Self Consultancy’s anonymous in-system messaging, ask the question and get an answer.

Do you own consulting by using the most important resource you have... your own employees!

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Enter the name of the first department to be assessed. You can add additional departments later. If your business is too small for separate departments, use any descriptor.
If you’re signing up for your own company, choose ‘Company Administrator’. If you’re a Consultant for multiple companies then choose ‘Consultant’.